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Baseball Equipment Coloring Page

Home run! The classic bat-and-ball game, baseball, is a game that is played in many countries, especially in the United States, Canada and Japan. Just think about it — only in 2008, total attendance at major-league games in the United States was the second-highest in history — 78.6 million people!
The origins of baseball are unclear - its precursor games can be traced as far back as 1344, but the first actual mention of the game was in the 1744 children's book. The actual first recorded game took place five years later, in Surrey County, United Kingdom. It is from there, that the baseball spread to Canada, and later, to the United States, where it slowly replaced the "rounders" game. Next crucial point was in 1845, when Alexander Cartwright wrote his famous "Knickerbocker Rules" - a code of baseball rules that gained wide recognition.
The rules kept changing, with the last few significant changes instituted in 1901 - the year when modern baseball was officially born, while the sport itself was spreading across the globe. Today the sport is insanely popular, played and loved by millions of people all over the world!