Dynamike from Brawl Stars. Coloring and Brief Description of the Hero.

Dynamike, a character from the Brawl Stars game, has one kind of explosive personality. One of the heaviest  hitters in the game, he relies heavily on accuracy and prediction to throw his sticks of dynamite or chili peppers (which are actually a part of the "chef" skin). But if you manage to land his main attacks correctly - at cover, places of action, escape routes - he really deals a lot of damage to the enemy!
The Fidget Spinner gadget allows him to quickly cover the surrounding area with explosives, keeping potential threats at a respectable distance, while his super, Dyna-Jump can be used to easily control the distance between the enemy and himself. Too close? Fire it up and get away from the enemy. Too far, the enemy is getting away? No worries, Dynamike can catch up, even clearing obstacles as part of his explosive super jump!