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Halloween. Cat on a broom. A Picture and an Interesting Story.

Trick-or-treat! All Hallows' Eve, or simply Halloween is a traditional celebration, held annually in many countries on the 31st of October. Children, teenagers and even grown-ups enjoy costume parties, trick-or-treating, telling scary stories - or plainly just staying at home and enjoying thematic movies, as well as Halloween episodes of favorite shows! It's all about the mood!

Historically, Halloween has been linked to Roman celebration of goddess Pomona or their festival of the dead called "Parentalia", but most likely it directly originated from the Celtic celebration of Samhain, which was common for Ireland and parts of Britain. In the year 835, Halloween celebration was switched to the 1st of November, the same date as Samhain, at the behest of Pope Gregory IV. Halloween arrived in America much later, at first only confined to immigrant communities by the mid-19th century, but spreading across the continent in the early 20th century, uniting people of all ages in the pumpkin-carving celebration!