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Learn to Draw and get Acquainted with the Cosmetic Set.

Did you know that the very first cosmetologists in the world were the ancient Egyptians? It was the ancient Egyptian queen and the woman of extraordinary beauty, Cleopatra, who compiled the first collection of unique cosmetic recipes, which was then written down on papyrus. Archaeologists have discovered a cosmetics laboratory on the shores of the Dead Sea, which was built in the first century BC.

The first body powder was typically made from white lead, flour, or a mixture of legumes. The compact cosmetic powder, which is in wide use today, was first produced by German scientists, who started to use a soft mineral - talc for its production. Russian girls used beet juice as rouge, while Egyptian girls used iris juice, which caused irritation and redness of the skin, which lasted for a long time. Believe it or not, but the first mascara consisted of resins, wax, and even flies and ant eggs. Mascara similar to the modern one first appeared in 1913 and was made from petroleum jelly and soot. But lipstick - the most popular cosmetic product - has come down to our times with practically no changes in its composition - beeswax and various fats. Lipstick caused a real boom in 1915, when it was first produced in a distinct push-up tube, which is still in use even today.‚Äč